Winesave Canister (6 Cans)

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Winesave keeps bottled wine in peak condition for weeks, even months after it has first been opened. No more spoilage, oxidising or wastage simply because you do not choose to drink an entire bottle straight away.

Winesave protects your wine by laying a pure, inert and odourless gas called argon (which is heavier than air) across the wine’s surface in the bottle, thereby protecting its complex characteristics of colour and taste for months. This enables you to enjoy the one bottle of wine over many weeks rather than having to drink it all at once.

For the wine enthusiast this means you can enjoy the luxury of wines by the glass at home, including your cellar treasures. Each can contains gas for approximately 50 applications.

How to Use:
1. Fit the rubber tube extension (provided) on the nozzle on the top of the canister.
2. Insert the tube into the wine bottle so that the tip is about 4cm above the wine and facing the side of the bottle. This will prevent the wine being splashed by discharging gas.
3. Replace the bottle cap, cork or stopper and store the bottle where it will remain upright. Avoid tipping or shaking the bottle.

‘Winesave actually works perfectly for open bottles’ Philippe Guigal, Directeur General & Oenologue of E. GUIGAL

‘… there is a new and extremely simple product available that seems to be more effective than its predecessors for keeping wine fresh in an opened bottle.’  Jancis Robinson OBE, Master of Wine

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