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Think you can't afford a barbeque due to constraints, be it either money or space? Well we have the perfect solution for you! This portable BBQ grill is here to prove you wrong and offer you years of deliciously cooked meals without the expense and bulk of a full size BBQ. Whether your preference is for rare or well done, steak or seafood, vegetables or sausages, this portable barbeque will save space and time but still allow you to have the full barbeque experience where ever you may be.

Conventional barbeques take up the majority of your patio when not in use, but this little baby packs up so compact you can carry it where ever you go. Take it from party to party, picnic to festival.. and when it comes back home it stores away neatly, leaving your home, patio and backyard free of clutter. No longer does a barbequed meal need to be a big arduous extravaganza-- with this portable barbeque you can easily cook a meal for one, two or just a small group without the excess and fuss of firing up a big barbeque. Gourmet BBQ cooked meals have never tasted so good and been so simple!

Complete with regulator hose, hood, rack and carry handle, all you need to supply is a gas tank and you're ready to rock.

•Portable Barbeque Grill With Regulator.
•Cook delicious barbequed meals with ease, no matter where you are!
•Ideal for taking to parties, picnics, festivals and more. The perfect barbie!
•Great for homes where space is at a premium.
•Far more economical than a full size barbeque that may only be used once or twice a year!
•Compact design folds away for storage and transport.
•Carry handle, gas regulator hose and grill rack.
•Side panels for plates and utensils.
•Quality build - will last through a lifetime of use.
•Includes manual with assembly instructions and recipes!
•Note: gas canister not included.
•Operates with Propane gas
•No drip tray included.
•Cast iron hotplate and a chrome steel grill
•AGA Certified.
•Cooking Plate Size: 45 x 35cm.
•Dimensions: •Width: 106.5cm.
•Depth: 25.5cm.
•Height: 38.5cm.

Package Content/s
•1 x Portable Barbeque Grill With Regulator.

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