Combination Extension Ladder

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Combination Extension Ladder, 5-in-1

Single Ladder Height: 2.00 Meter

Height in "A" Shape: 1.96 Meter

Height of up-side-down "Y" Shape: 2.95 Meter

Length when fully extended: 4.25Meter


  • Aluminium Multi Purpose Ladder
  • Smart Design Extension Ladder Easily Converts Into A Variety Of Configurations
  • A Few Adjustments To The Locks And Angle Rotation Of The Cleverly Designed Joints
  • The Ladder Become An Step Ladder, Scaffold, Overhang Ladder, Stairwell Scaffold
  • Made Of High Quality Aluminium
  • Auto Locking Hinges
  • Ladder Stabilizer Bars With Rubber Grips
  • Safety, Quality And Versatility
  • Lightweight And Portable, Easy To Store


* These amazingly versatile ladders is a 33 in 1 ladder, depending on your needs with the utmost safety
* Conforms to EN131 the European safety standard
* Aluminium construction with safe lock steel hinges
* Step rise: 280mm
* Straight Ladder Height: 4247mm 
* N.W.:17.8kg


Content: Ladder x 1
Gross Weight: 18kg
Measurement: 200x15x42cm

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